Gin Consulting group has forged strategic partnerships to become a one-stop shop consultative
service to holistically develop the internal and external systems that drive your business bottom lines,
engaging in the business development (soft and hard skills), branding, and exposure to become, build,
and lead your sector in a way everyone wants to be part of your organization. 

Marketing Collective


George Verdugo

URL & Domain Specialist

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Sarah Koci Scheilz

Copy Strategist

Georges Dumaine

Partner / Business Development


Carolina Longoria

Creative Director


Tracy Nice

Stancy Events / Events Specialist


Jon Bachura

Relationship Manager

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Ben Lee

UI/UX Designer Creative Consultant

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Kirstin Gutierrez

Graphic Designer

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Jason Nettles

Digital Marketing Consultant


Brent Bowen

Podcast and Media Consultant/Producer