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Abraham Gin is CEO of Gin Consulting Group and Senior Consultant of GiANT Worldwide, leading the Kansas City branch. 
Abraham is involved in his community and founded LinkedIn Local KC in 2018.

Abraham believes that the core of a leader’s capacity is comprised of 4 categories:

Personality Quotient (PQ),
Emotional Quotient (EQ),
Intelligence Quotient (IQ),
Spiritual Quotient (SQ).

The heart of this leadership experience is to catalyze liberating leaders within an individual,
giving them dynamic training to discover and activate growth in knowing themselves
(PQ, EQ, IQ, SQ) in order better lead themselves. Abraham has a passion to activate, measure and cultivate the growth of communication, relationship, alignment, execution, capacity and culture for the development of high-performing teams and organization

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#50 Abraham Gin (Business)

Abraham Gin is the CEO of Gin Consulting and the Senior Consultant of GiANT Worldwide. Abraham’s experience in the
field of coaching and personal development is vast, and his consulting services are always in demand. He works on the premise
that a true leader’s qualities comprise four categories, which are Personality Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Intelligence Quotient,
and Spiritual Quotient. Abraham uses a combination of shock and immersion training combined with real-time feedback and
coaching to help create leaders that make a difference. He has worked with leaders from all areas of the world and all generations
and feels he is only getting started.

Abraham Gin, CEO of Gin Consulting Group, serves his clients in two ways:
Internally (Business Growth Strategy) and Externally (Digital Marketing). 

1. Business Growth Strategy primarily executed through GiANT Leadership Operating System 
(Leadership pipeline, business process, organization clarity, workforce development,
legacy and culture systems and strategies, engagement, and succession planning).

2. Marketing through strategic partnerships (Exposure, branding, content,
web, lead generation, social media, events etc...). 

Gin Consulting a one-stop shop consultative service to holistically develop the
internal and external systems that drive your business bottom lines, engaging in the business
development (soft and hard skills), branding, and exposure to become, build, and lead your sector
in a way everyone wants to be part of your organization. 

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