For Individuals

I help leaders I do the following:

  • Build a clear game plan for your personal and professional future.

  • Increase your capacity to handle more responsibility

  • Discover the blind spots that undermine your influence with other people.

  • Experience healthy growth by finding your sweet spot and working from your personal strengths.

  • Transfer your best skills, knowledge, and expertise to build a high-performing team.

  • Expand your spheres of influence: self, family, team, organization, and community

  • Become a leader that everyone wants to follow, not one they “have to” follow.

  • And more…

For Teams

I help teams do the following:

  • Implement a step-by-step process to develop leaders and avoid capacity constraints.

  • Identify each member’s unique leadership voice, establish a culture that values listening, andcommunicate more effectively.

  • Establish a direction for the future, clarify leadership roles, and outline a strategy for reaching the vision.

  • Increase alignment, gain clarity, and consistency execute on objectives.

  • Discover critical blindspots that inhibit current and future success.

  • Innovate and adapt to embrace a competitive and changing world.

  • Increase the value of your workforce by transforming team members from liabilities to assets.

  • And more...

Develop Your Organizations

Here are the Key Components:

  • Experienced “Been-There” Coaches

    Our team of experienced coaches will take your teams through the entire 12-month process of learning and development, providing appropriate support and challenge along the way. They will also apprentice hand-picked leaders on our proven and effective coaching methodologies.

  • Powerful & Practical Leadership Tools

    Gain access to GiANT’s vault of leadership tools that are packed with power and practical tactics each leader in your organization should know. This will also establish a common vocabulary and language, which is foundational for building a thriving culture.

  • Proven Path for Growth

    After taking hundreds of leaders through this process, we know the exact steps that create true and lasting transformation and ultimately a higher performing workforce.

  • Engaged Community

    The final ingredient of this process is to create an engaged community of peers. This allows the learning to become ingrained into the culture and have a lasting impact. This community will be established on small scale (8 people) through the Core Groups, and on a large scale with the collective of all attendees.